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Waste disposal bags framework

Waste disposal bags framework

The waste disposal bags framework (NPS-PSU-0049-15) is now available for NPS member organisations to use.

24 August 2016

The NPS waste disposal bags framework has commenced and is now available for the Welsh public sector to use. It has been awarded across 6 commodity lots to the following companies:

  1. Supply of domestic and commercial refuse bags: JPK Trade Supplies Ltd; Cromwell Polythene Ltd; Sphere Professional Ltd
  2. Supply of recycling bags: British Polythene Ltd; JPK Trade Supplies Ltd; Sphere Professional Ltd
  3. Supply of compostable liners: Cromwell Polythene Ltd; Sphere Professional Ltd; Biobag Ltd; Gelpack Excelsior Ltd; Office Depot UK Ltd
  4. Clinical waste bags: Not awarded - further details to follow
  5. Miscellaneous waste bags: Biobag Ltd; British Polythene Ltd; Cromwell Polythene Ltd; Gelpack Excelsior Ltd; JPK Trade Supplies Ltd; Office Depot UK Ltd; Sphere Professional Ltd
  6. Supply of low density polythene aprons: JPK Trade Supplies Ltd; HPC Healthline Ltd.

All lots are awarded on an all-Wales basis.

Guidance for customers is available on Sell2Wales.

Further framework engagement advice and information for customers, along with commercial rates, are available upon request.

The NPS People Services team is keen to assist customers with individual or collaborative engagement under this framework. Please contact the team to discuss further.

NPS is working with both the successful suppliers and Basware to develop eTrading Wales marketplace information. Further details will be uploaded to Sell2Wales in due course.

Customers can also utilise the Wales Purchasing Card - Barclaycard for this framework.

For further information please contact: NPSPeopleServices&