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Update on Procurement Review

Update on Procurement Review

The Procurement Review Team is working on a baseline report, providing the facts and figures behind the current service model, together with some high level options for future service models.

The baseline report follows a presentation given by Jonathan Hopkins, the Welsh Government’s Deputy Director, Commercial and Procurement, to the Review Stakeholder Group. The Delivery Group provided the Review Team with further clarity on constructing the baseline. 

The last meeting of the Delivery Group asked the team to develop some high level options for future service models, taking account of customer feedback and the Review objectives.

The May meeting of the Delivery Group will consider the baseline report and overview of options for future service delivery. 

Wider engagement and feedback continues to be coordinated. The local government Heads of Procurement network met on 11 April and provided some perspectives on the Review. Confirmation has been received of wider involvement from the Fire and Rescue Service, Welsh Government Sponsored Bodies and the social care sector.

The Review Oversight Board meetings are being rescheduled so that they follow meetings of the Stakeholder Group.

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Source: Procurement Review Team