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Update on Procurement Review

Update on Procurement Review

After considering a range of service options, Value Wales stakeholders have agreed on the need for it to provide a comprehensive range of services.

There has been no such consensus on a future service model for the National Procurement Service (NPS).

2 all-day workshop sessions of the Review Delivery Group have agreed that Value Wales should provide:

  • collaborative development of procurement policies and support for ministers
  • practical support for those involved in delivery of public sector procurement
  • support to building capability including training
  • development of a future talent pipeline including professional training

The Future Generations Commissioner, as a member of the Review Stakeholder Group, has challenged the Review Team to set out what procurement services should achieve so the Review can devise a model which best achieves it.

Similar discussion about NPS services has started with gathering views on whether there should be a national, regional or local approach to management of different categories. 

There is broad support to taking a national approach to ICT, utilities and fleet. Local government stakeholders supported a local or regional approach to the procurement of food.

The Procurement Review Team has also developed a baseline report, in collaboration with stakeholders, providing the facts and figures behind the current service models.

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Source: Procurement Review Team