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Professional services news round-up

Professional services news round-up

Framework updates.

Construction Consultancy Category Forum Group meeting

There will be a Category Forum Group (CFG) meeting for Construction Consultancy to discuss the new Property Consultancy Agreement which is due to replace NPS-PS-0004 Construction Consultancy Property later in the year.

The meeting, which will be held by video conference between the Welsh Government offices in Llandudno Junction and Bedwas, is on 18 April 2018 from 1pm until 3:30pm. 

The meeting will also focus on finalising the detail of the procurement, including the specification and terms.

Representatives are welcome from our customer organisations. Please contact if you would like to attend. 

Construction consultancy

There will be a one day training session held on the new NEC 4 Professional Service Contract, which may be the terms used in the renewal of our Property Consultancy Framework later in the year. This training is being delivered by Thomas Telford Limited, and is free to attend.

The event will be held at the Welsh Government Offices, Ladywell House in Newtown from 9:30 to 16:30 on Monday 30 April. Please note spaces are limited; therefore initial registration will be limited to one candidate per customer organisation. If you would like to attend, please email and spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Welsh translation and interpretation services

We are seeking information on the use of the Welsh translation and interpretation services agreement. We would be keen to hear from customers on the following:

  • Which services are you buying? Translation and/or Interpretation?
  • Are you procuring these services through the current NPS Framework?
  • If so, what is your annual spend?

A Category Forum Group (CFG) meeting will be held on Thursday 10 May, 1pm – 16:00pm, at the Welsh Government Offices in Bedwas and Llandudno Junction (with video conference). Representatives are welcome from our customer organisations. Please contact if you would like to be involved.

Legal training

A wide range of free and paid-for legal training and briefing events are being offered by suppliers on the legal services by solicitor’s framework. 

The schedule is available here.

For further information, please contact us on the mailbox below.