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NEC 3 Professional Training - Best practice development workshops

NEC 3 Professional Training - Best practice development workshops

Over 90 public sector delegates attended 2 events in October, facilitated by the NPS and delivered by one of the NPS framework providers, WSP.

Held in North and South Wales, the events provided delegates with a clear understanding of how to develop and deliver projects using the NEC 3 professional terms and conditions. In addition, the NPS Professional Services team were on hand to explain how their existing construction consultancy frameworks could be used efficiently and flexibly to allow organisations to meet their business needs. The events also provided an opportunity for extensive networking among the public sector delegates present.

The NPS was delighted with the opportunity to enhance engagement with the organisations present, and very grateful for the feedback received. The ideas presented will be taken forward by the NPS to help drive a continuously improving framework suite for customers. The NPS would like to thank WSP for delivering the events.

Consideration is being given to further value adding training sessions that NPS can facilitate on behalf of customers. In addition, refreshed framework documentation and guidance that will allow customers to more effectively embrace the use of NEC 3 Professional Services will be made available soon through the NPS Contracts and Resources section on Sell2Wales.

Any organisations wishing to meet with the NPS to discuss how the framework suite can meet their needs, please contact the professional services mailbox on