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Mini-competitions - start making savings today!

Mini-competitions - start making savings today!

The NPS is currently co-ordinating a number of collaborative mini-competition procurements on behalf of customer organisations in the Welsh public sector.

These are designed to ease the burden of customers undertaking a full tender procedure, and to help drive improved savings rates.

A number of customers have already taken advantage of this opportunity, and have reported good savings so far.

Sue Day, Strategic Procurement Officer, Monmouthshire County Council, said:

“Monmouthshire County Council has recently participated in several collaborative mini competition exercises conducted by the NPS; the commodities covered include Agency Staff, Tyres & Associated Services, and Fuel Cards. As a small local authority we are heavily dependent on the NPS frameworks as our route to market; it reduces the burden of conducting a full tender procedure and provides economies of scale which may result in additional savings on the previously agreed framework rates. We will continue to explore future opportunities of collaboration with the help of our NPS colleagues.”

The NPS recently led a collaborative further competition under the Managed Service for the Provision of Agency Workers framework, co-ordinating the common requirements of eight South Wales local authorities, split over two geographical zones – South West Wales and South East Wales.

These collaborative further competitions had a combined contract value of almost £40m, and following the NPS-led procurement exercise, savings of approximately 5% against the framework rates were reported.

NPS would like to thank customer organisations for providing information on their specific requirements and assisting in the evaluation of supplier submissions. NPS People Services are keen to assist any customer organisation in running further competitions against this framework. Please contact to express an interest.

Feedback from customers on collaborative mini-competitions under the Supply of Tyres and Associated Services has also been very positive. Not only is NPS trying to take the burden of co-ordinating the mini-competition from customers, but those conducted to date have all returned savings. The NPS has so far conducted mini-competitions for Bridgend, Gwynedd, Merthyr Tydfil, Monmouthshire, Neath Port Talbot and Powys Councils.

NPS customers have reported savings of between 9% - 36% through direct award on this framework.

Through collaborative mini-competitions undertaken by NPS on behalf of customers, savings of between 10% - 26% have been reported.

Mini-competitions have helped NPS customers achieve a further 2% saving on average.

If any customer has a requirement and would be keen to explore mini-competitions further, please contact

The NPS Professional Services team has facilitated a number of mini-competitions through its suite of frameworks and is keen to support any collaborative mini-competitions moving forward. The NPS is particularly keen to support individual organisations who are early adopters of the recently let Insurance Services agreements.

In May this year, the team undertook a major mini-competition for the Welsh Government 21st Century Schools team. The team needed to move fast to engage a contractor to undertake property surveys of a significant sample of Welsh schools during the summer. Utilising the Estates Professional Services lot within the NPS Construction Consultancy framework, the NPS worked with the Schools team to develop a specification prior to the mini-competition. Following a swift and fully compliant procurement exercise, a contractor was appointed who was able to deliver the programme of surveys within the timescales required, within budget and to the required quality. Without the framework, the challenging timescales could not have been met.

Currently, the NPS is undertaking a mini-competition for Collision Management statistics across four South East Wales local authorities, led by Torfaen Council. The exercise is currently in progress and being competed through the NPS Construction Consultancy framework. The NPS support has reduced the resource burden that would have otherwise been placed upon the procurement and legal teams within these authorities.

For further information on Insurance or Construction Consultancy mini-competitions, please contact