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Notice of Award – Managed Service for Employee Benefit Schemes

Notice of Award – Managed Service for Employee Benefit Schemes

The NPS Employee Benefit Schemes Framework (NPS-PSU-0024-15) is now available for the Welsh public sector to use.

21 December 2015

It has been awarded to one Managed Service Provider as follows:-

iCOM Works Ltd

Customers can directly award to the Managed Service Provider and negotiate service charges based on their individual requirements without the need to run any further competitions. iCOM Works Ltd can provide access to a number of employee benefit schemes, ensuring compliance with HMRC regulations, including:

  • salary sacrifice schemes
    • childcare voucher scheme
    • cycle to work scheme
    • car scheme
    • mobile phone and technology scheme
    • annual leave purchase scheme
    • workplace parking scheme
    • travel to work scheme
    • health screening scheme
  • a range of health and wellbeing benefits
  • retail and leisure discounts
  • reward and recognition schemes
  • online benefits platform

Customer guidance is available on Sell2Wales.

NPS will be arranging customer launch events for stakeholders to meet iCOM Works Ltd and their key tier supply partners in January, with details to follow shortly.

Further information on the different schemes is available, and NPS can assist with implementation by facilitating engagement with customers who have successfully implemented these previously.

NPS are working with the successful supplier and Procserve to develop eTrading Wales marketplace information. Further details will be added to Sell2Wales in due course.

For further information please contact: NPSPeopleServices&