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Framework agreement for the provision of vehicle spares

Framework agreement for the provision of vehicle spares

The framework agreement for the provision of vehicle spares (NPS-FT-0047-15) is now available for NPS member organisations to use.

09 January 2017

The NPS vehicle spares framework agreement has commenced and is now available for the Welsh public sector to use. It has been awarded across 4 zones to the suppliers listed below:

  1. North Wales: Truck Parts (North Wales)
  2. West Wales:Fleetwheel Ltd
  3. South Wales: Fleetwheel Ltd
  4. All Wales (including Powys): Joint bid: Digraph Transport Supplies Ltd (Lead) and Anglesey Commercial Spares Ltd

In scope of this framework:

  • vehicle spares (including plant spares)
  • workshop consumables (items which when incorporated into other goods, or once used as intended, lose their identity or change their state)
  • batteries
Launch event

The NPS will be holding a launch event for the framework on 18th January 2017 at the Royal Welsh Showground in Builth Wells, Powys.

This will be an opportunity for customers to meet with the suppliers to gain an understanding of how the new framework will operate.

If you would like to register to attend, please contact the NPS Fleet mailbox:

Please state your language preference (Welsh or English).

Deadline for registration: 11 January 2017

Individuals wishing to register after the deadline should contact NPS Fleet Team to confirm if there is any further availability for the event.

Guidance for customers is available on Sell2Wales

The NPS Fleet category team is keen to assist customers with individual or collaborative engagement under this framework. Please contact the team to discuss further.

NPS is working with the successful suppliers and Basware to develop eTrading Wales marketplace information.

Customers can also utilise the Wales Purchasing Card - Barclaycard for this framework.

For further information, please contact: