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Food and drink news round-up

Food and drink news round-up

Framework updates.

NPS food frameworks - a good deal for Wales

We are focused on getting a good deal for Wales which means supporting our customers to use our agreements, and ensuring that our agreements support the Welsh economy. To ensure that our frameworks meet these needs, we recently reviewed our framework usage and participation:

  • From 1 April 2017 – 30 June 2018, the spend through our agreements was £7,701,002
  • Of that expenditure 57% (£4,390,910) was with Welsh suppliers.
  • Over 60 organisations across Wales have used our agreements
  • £3,088,100 was spent through the NPS fresh food and beverages framework between October 2017 and June 30. Out of that, 93% (£2,860,286) was with Welsh suppliers.

We’ve also started monitoring the use of Welsh produce across all of our suppliers and will be reporting on this in future newsletters.

Our Next Category Forum meeting

The next NPS Welsh Public Sector Customer Food Category Group meeting will be held on the 10 October at the Welsh Government Bedwas Office (video conference facilities are also available in North Wales).

The meeting will cover an update on the NPS sandwich and frozen plated meals agreement and discussions on the implications of Brexit on public sector food purchasing. We will also be discussing the statement released on 5 September by Cabinet Secretary for Finance.

If you are involved in public sector food purchasing and interested in attending the food category group meeting please contact the NPS food team

Catering disposables

Our Catering disposables framework is one of many ‘Well Being of Future Generations’ Pilots being delivered by the Value Wales team within the Welsh Government. The framework will be led by Ceredigion council and managed by the NPS.

The focus of the framework is to help our customers move away from single use plastics to more sustainable products.

We will share the latest developments in the next Category Focus Group (CFG) meeting in October

Sandwich fillings, prepared sandwiches and Frozen plated meals

It has been almost 2 years since the first NPS Food frameworks were let. We have sent a short questionnaire to CFG members to get their views on the future approach to both agreements. We will share the outcome in the next CFG meeting in October.


Work on planning for Brexit is progressing quickly in the Food category team as it requires special attention. We are keen to work with customers to identify risks and how these can be mitigated at our next CFG meeting. If you would like to get involved please let us know.

Alcohol tender

The alcohol tender went live on 1st September 2018. Guidance documents and a price list funneling tool have been developed. For more information, please contact

Food supply chain safety monitoring

Did you know that as part of the NPS food safety process we are working closely with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) by monitoring the food hygiene ratings of all our food suppliers on a regular basis. All the ratings are logged and maintained and action is taken for any ratings which fall below a satisfactory level.

As part of NPS due diligence for the contract manage of our frameworks, we have recently introduced more in depth work by mapping supply chains to ensure that we have a clear understanding of all the suppliers involved in the provision of produce through our frameworks. This means that we will have traceability relating to raw materials and products from all third party providers. The suppliers in the supply chain are also being monitored in relation to their food hygiene ratings

Our NPS Food team

We have recently welcomed 2 new team members, Kristy Roberts-Metcalf and Sally Anne-Tucker.

Jessica Bearman has returned from maternity leave and Carla Lavender has moved back to her previous role in Professional Services. Christine Bone has left the Food team to undertake a new role within the Welsh Government.

We have an excellent food team who will continue to help your organisation use our frameworks more effectively. Whether you require mini competition support, helping with your queries or assisting with any complaints, we are here to help.

Please contact the Food Category team for more information