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Food and drink news round-up

Food and drink news round-up

Framework updates.

Strengthening food safety

In April we hosted a meeting of food safety specialists from across the Welsh public sector. Reflecting the importance of ensuring food safety we were fortunate to have significant and expert representation from across the Welsh public sector. Delegates shared important thoughts and suggestions and the NPS food team have started work on strengthening ever further the approach to food safety.

Catering disposables

Our colleagues in Ceredigion Council are leading on a national procurement for catering disposables. The procurement is being run as a pilot to identify and share best practice in delivering procurement outcomes to support the well-being of future generations. The NPS is fully supporting this initiative and will manage the agreement when let.

Currently at the scoping stage we’re looking for colleagues to join the working group. So, if you want the opportunity to be at the forefront of ground-breaking work to support our future generations, please contract George Riley at Ceredigion Council via

Supply and distribution of alcoholic beverages

The NPS will be tendering for this framework, which will replace the Welsh Purchasing Consortia agreement that ends on 31 July this year. We’ve been fortunate to be working in close partnership with Newport Council, the existing framework managers, who have been instrumental in helping us develop the approach.

Supporting mini-competitions

We have enjoyed working with a variety of organisations to help mobilise supply under the fresh and packaged food frameworks. If you need help, support or guidance please contact the mailbox with an outline of your requirement.

Basware cataloguing

We are very grateful to colleagues in the many local authorities that helped local suppliers overcome the challenges of setting up using the Basware system. The NPS team has also been targeting suppliers to provide help and support and, over the coming months, we will be actively working with our suppliers to support them further on their development journey.

Delivering on the well-being of future generations

Working alongside WRAP and the Future Generations Commissioner’s office, we are developing a range of measures to allow us to identify trends and implement actions to help secure the well-being of future generations. It’s really important that our suppliers own these measures and we will be consulting on the measures with them in June this year.