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Fleet and transport news round-up

Fleet and transport news round-up

Framework updates.

Vehicle purchase, lease and disposal

A prior information notice (PIN) for a new vehicle purchase, lease and disposal framework went live on 11 June 2018. A  Category Focus Group (CFG) meeting is scheduled for 2 November to update  members on progress. The outcomes report will be uploaded to Sell2Wales when it is available.

Driver license checking

We are evaluating submissions and the framework is due to go live in November 2018.

Liquid fuels

A Category Focus Group (CFG) GoToMeeting was held on 15 October to discuss the renewal of the current liquid fuels framework. This was the first meeting to consider the future of this framework, which expires in April 2019.If you’d like to be involved, please contact us on

Tyres and associated services

Communications were issued via the All Wales Transport and Plant Group regarding the future provision of the Tyres and Associated Services framework. Stakeholders have also been notified of the updated pricing via email.

This framework has the provision to extend for an additional 12 months from 16 November 2018. All responses received from stakeholders have supported the extension. Therefore, we will extend the framework to 15 November 2019.

Fuel cards

The CFG met on 10 October to progress the tender documentation for this framework. The outcomes report will be uploaded to Sell2Wales shortly (login required).

For more information, please contact