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Fleet and transport news round-up

Fleet and transport news round-up

Framework updates.

Liquid fuel framework price review and extension

The Liquid Fuel framework has been extended to 8 April 2019, its final extension. As part of the extension, we undertook a price review with the suppliers. Full details are available via Sell2Wales. Prices apply from 9 April 2018.

Vehicle hire II framework prices

We have accepted a price increase from Europcar.

The revised rates are available on Sell2Wales. They only effect Lot 1 (cars) and took effect from 23 April 2018.

We are also continuing to offer support and guidance to customers, undertaking mini competitions through this framework.

Vehicle Hire framework Lot 3 extension

We have extended Lot 3 (Corporate Car Solution) of the original Vehicle Hire framework for 12 months. It will expire on 20 April 2019.

Telematics tender

We are evaluating tender submissions for Telematics following the closing of the opportunity on 27 April.

Supplier interviews and demonstration events are due to be held in Newtown, Powys on 16 and 17 May. This will be followed by final evaluation and moderation, with the award expected in mid June 2018.

Tyres price review

ATS Euromaster has requested a price increase in line with the framework terms. We are working with the supplier to mitigate increases to customers.

Driver licence checking

We are drafting an options appraisal for a Driver Licensing Framework. The Category Forum Group (CFG) will then reconvene to agree a strategy. If you have a requirement for driver licence checking, please contact us on

Fuel cards framework

The current Fuel Cards framework arrangement is due to expire on 17 September 2019. However, we do not anticipate this arrangement going full term and may set up our own framework.