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Fleet and transport news round-up

Fleet and transport news round-up

Framework updates.

Liquid Fuel

The final extension of the framework has been taken up and we are currently completing the extension to 8 April 2019.

We will be forming a Category Forum Group (CFG) to discuss the future provision for this agreement and will be seeking representatives from all sectors. It is anticipated that this group will be formed June/July. Please contact the NPS Fleet mailbox if you would like to be part of this CFG.

Vehicle Hire – Lot 3 (Corporate Car Solutions)

Lot 3 (Corporate Car Solutions) has been extended for a period of 12 months until 20th April 2019. No further extensions are available on this agreement.

Vehicle Hire II

We are working with individual customers to provide support for further competitions. Any customers wishing to undertake further competitions, please contact us on to arrange support. Templates have been developed to support any mini-competitions undertaken.

Driver Licence Checks

The options appraisal for this agreement has been agreed by Category Forum Group members, and is currently with NPS senior management for approval.

Vehicle Spares

Contract review meetings have been held with the 3 appointed suppliers. The agreed common basket of spares went live 3 May 2018 and are available on Sell2Wales.

A case study has been prepared in partnership with Neath Port Talbot Council outlining the benefits for the framework and the cash releasing savings achieved. This will be circulated to al stakeholders once finalised.


The evaluation of this tender is currently in progress. The framework is scheduled to go live in June 2018.


We have undertaken a price review in line with the framework terms. These prices are now available on Sell2Wales.

Current factors affecting the tyres market include Chinese import duty, which is likely to affect budget choice tyres only.

The EU has indicated that there will be new anti-dumping duties on truck tyres imported to the EU from China. Suppliers, wholesalers and distributors have started to pass the charges into the market.

The current arrangement is due to expire 15 November 2018; however the framework has provision to extend for a one additional year.

Fuel Cards

The current call off agreement with the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) framework expires on 13 May 2019. We are currently engaging with CCS regarding the new framework and provided input into the procurement. We are currently engaging with customers in relation to the future provision of this requirement.

Vehicle Lease (Contract Hire) and Vehicle Purchase

We are currently engaging with stakeholders to establish if there is enough demand within the Welsh public sector for a NPS framework for vehicle leasing/vehicle purchase. For further enquiries please contact us on