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Fleet category news round-up January 2018

Fleet category news round-up January 2018

Framework updates.

Framework for the provision of vehicle telematics

A prior information notice has been issued on Sell2Wales.

The options appraisal has been approved by the Category Forum Group (CFG) and our senior management team. As the spend value does not exceed the £5m threshold it will be sent to Delivery Group out of committee. The tender documentation was discussed at the CFG meeting on 10 January. Draft tender documents will be circulated by CFG sector leads to the wider Welsh public sector for comments before we place the OJEU contract notice in February.

Vehicle Hire II

Mini-competition exercises are being undertaken by our team on behalf of several customers. If any customer needs help to identify the most cost effective supply method (direct award or further competition), please contact us on the mailbox below.

We recommend that buyers regularly check documents published on Sell2Wales to ensure they are using the most up to date information when calling off the framework.

Driver licence checking

All organisations that have expressed an interest were asked to submit details of their requirements. Once we have collated this information we will arrange a CFG to progress this requirement. If you would like to join this CFG please let us know by emailing the Fleet mailbox.

Framework extensions

The tyres and associated services and liquid fuels frameworks have both been extended to meet customer needs.

The tyres and associated services framework has been extended (subject to the agreement of any price variations) for 12 months to 15 November 2018. Price reviews are being undertaken with all suppliers except ATS (price increased in April for 12 months to 31/3/18). We have worked closely with suppliers to mitigate any price increases wherever possible. Price revisions have been agreed and these will come into effect from 1 February 2018. Details of revised pricing have been uploaded onto Sell2Wales.

The liquid fuels framework will be extended for the last time for 12 months. Price reviews are being scheduled with all suppliers. We will engage with customers over the re-tendering for liquid fuels soon.

Fleet pipeline

We have shared the draft 5 year pipeline with fleet managers via the All Wales Fleet and Transport Group. We are establishing working groups to consider the following areas of work to drive best practice and economies of scale:

  • standardisation of vehicle specifications
  • whole life costing models

We would be grateful if customers could confirm whether there is a need for us to proceed with these areas of work. If so, we would welcome nominations from customers for Category Forum Group members. For further information, please contact us on the mailbox below.

All Wales Transport and Plant Group meeting

Please note the next All Wales Transport and Plant Group meeting will be held  in Welsh Government, Royal Welsh Showground, Builth Wells on 13th March at 10.30am.

If you wish to attend please contact: