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eProcurement tools update

eProcurement tools update

The Welsh Government currently funds eProcurement tools for the Welsh Public Sector.

This includes eTradingWales (Basware) and eTenderWales (BravoSolution and AWARD).

There is a budget commitment to fund eProcurement tools and services until 31 March 2020. The contracts for these tools are not aligned with the budget commitment and the contracts are due to expire on 11 January 2019. We are unable to extend the existing arrangements. However, the Welsh Government has committed to fund eProcurement tools and services until the end of March 2020. Work is ongoing to align the service end date with the funding.

We have run sessions with stakeholders to establish what their immediate priorities are and to agree next steps. The options appraisal for a short term tactical approach has been submitted to the NPS Delivery Group for review in September. We will be able to provide an update in October. The stakeholder workshop results will feed into a Strategic Outline Case which is being prepared. We are also planning a eProcurement technology session with stakeholders to further inform the Business Case. Further information will be made available once we have finalised the facilitation arrangements.

eProcurement tools GDPR reminder

We have carried out GDPR compliance reviews on the eProcurement tools that are available for the Welsh public sector to use. More details will be made available on Sell2Wales shortly. Customers will need to take further action for their own GDPR compliance as they are responsible for ensuring GDPR compliance of their own content and data published or shared to date, as well as newly published content when using the eProcurement tools.