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Digital, data and ICT update

Digital, data and ICT update

New arrangements post-January 2019.

eProcurement tools GDPR reminder

Organisations are reminded that all content and data (whether personal or business) continues to remain the responsibility of the Welsh public sector organisation that has provided, added, published or communicated it in connection with eProcurement tools. Organisations remain responsible for ensuring GDPR compliance of their own content and data published or shared to date, as well as newly published content.

NPS ICT frameworks GDPR update

The majority of our framework suppliers have signed GDPR contract change notes (CCN’s) which provides the compliance / assurance to the NPS. The latest position can be found on Sell2Wales in the NPS ICT Frameworks area.

NPS IAS framework

Following a review, the Information Assurance Service (IAS) Framework Agreement will expire at the end of the initial period on 15 November 2018.

The framework began on 16 November 2016 for an initial period of 2 years. It was set up to allow us to extend the framework by 2 years.

The options appraisal was submitted to the NPS Delivery Group with the recommendation to allow the framework to end after the initial 2 year period.

All IAS framework suppliers were informed at the beginning of September.

Existing Call-off Contract commitments are not affected and continue beyond the expiry of the framework. Contract management of the framework will continue until all Call-off contracts have ended.

Further details can be located on Sell2Wales

NPS structured cabling framework

New Cabling Standards - EU Construction Product Regulation 305/2011 (‘the CPR’, BS-EN13501-6)

The EU Construction Products Regulation seeks to remove technical barriers to the trade of construction products in the European single market. It places obligations on manufacturers, distributors and importers of construction products when these products are placed on the market. 

The CPR aims to ensure the reliability of information on the performance of construction products, information which is of interest to designers, constructors, public authorities and consumers. This is achieved through harmonised European product standards and European Technical Assessments using a common technical language and uniform assessment methods.

For new installations and the refurbishment or extension of existing installations, cables installed in the spaces bounded by the external fire barriers of buildings and other structures, shall meet the new requirements.

For further information please click here.