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Digital, data and ICT news round-up

Digital, data and ICT news round-up

Framework updates.

eProcurement tools

The NPS Delivery Group has asked the NPS to undertake a procurement exercise for eProcurement tools for the Welsh public sector. 

A Category Forum Group (CFG) has been established with sector representation from; Local Government, Health, Higher and Further Education, Police & Fire, Housing, Natural Resources Wales, Assembly Commission (inc. sponsored bodies) Welsh Government and the NPS. Business Wales, Value Wales Policy and Business Intelligence teams will also provide subject matter input to the procurement process.

The CFG will meet on 6 March 2018 to review the procurement’s Critical Success Factors, sourcing options and develop the proposed high-level procurement strategy which is due to be submitted to the NPS Delivery Group later in March.

We plan to hold a further industry event in March to update the market on progress. Further details will be added to the Prior Information Notice (PIN) that was issued in December. Suppliers can continue to register their interest through the PIN on Sell2Wales.

For further information or to be kept updated on progress, please contact us on

Structured cabling framework

The framework commenced on 1 August 2016 for an initial period of 2 years, expiring on 31 July 2018, with an option to extend for periods up to 2 years.

We recently held a review to evaluate whether to extend the framework, which involved discussions with framework suppliers and a survey of stakeholders across the Welsh public sector. The options appraisal was submitted to the NPS Delivery Group for review on 7 February 2018, with no objections received to the recommendation to extend the framework by 12 months. We have informed the framework suppliers, and Sell2Wales will be updated shortly.

Digital and ICT resource services procurement update

The Digital and ICT Resource Services Agreement is intended to aid organisations transition to digital whilst supporting their legacy systems. An information session for suppliers was held on 14 February 2018, to provide details of the upcoming procurement. The event was attended by 24 suppliers from the Digital and ICT industry, with follow-up 1-2-1 sessions scheduled for 1 and 2 March. We will provide further update in our upcoming monthly news round-up.