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Digital, data and ICT news round-up

Digital, data and ICT news round-up

Framework updates.

Agile Digital and ICT Resources Agreement (ADIRA)

The tender for the single supplier contract for the Agile Digital and ICT Resources Agreement is now closed and evaluations are underway.

The estimated go live date is the 1st October 2018.

The purpose of the agreement is to:

  • appoint a “supply partner”, to provide access to resource on a neutral basis and at a standard set margin across the Welsh public sector
  • reduce complexity in bringing in resource
  • access skills and expertise to supplement customer organisations’ internal capacity and capabilities, and
  • provide access to a diverse supply chain, including Welsh micro businesses.

The resources will be purchased via discreet, time bound Statements of Work ensuring only project based services and resources within the scope of the agreement can be purchased. The supply Partner will be required to develop and manage a resource pool of third party providers, to meet the fluctuating demand and ever changing technology landscape, whilst facilitating the Welsh Ministers’ commitment to support economic growth in Wales.

The appointment of the right supply partner will be fundamental to delivering a quality service at a reasonable margin, and subsequently the success of the agreement. In order to achieve this, we recognise the importance of having an evaluation panel that reflects the customer base. Therefore, we are seeking volunteers to undertake the evaluations. The evaluations will consist of six written question responses and a supplier demonstration. Please see the estimated timetable below:

Evaluation Brief Conference Call (1 hour) w/c 18 June 2018
Individual Technical Evaluation Remote evaluation using eAward tool (3 weeks) w/c 18 June 2018
Technical Moderation Face to face or conference call (Half day) w/c 9 July 2018
Demonstration Brief Conference Call (1 hour) w/c 9 July 2018
Demonstration Evaluation In person demonstration (2 days) w/c 30 July 2018
Demonstration Moderation Face to face or conference call (Half day) w/c 13 August 2018

Please note the above time scales are indicative and may be impacted by the number of tender responses.

If you would be interested in participating in either the written or demonstration element of the evaluations, please contact Paul Robertson on

The contract is due to go live the week commencing 1 October 2018.

NPS Digital, Data and ICT Frameworks GDPR update

The majority of Digital, Data and ICT framework suppliers have signed GDPR contract change notices (CCNs) which provide compliance / assurance to the NPS. Consideration has been given whether or not to suspend a small number of suppliers who have not responded to requests. If this decision is made, we will inform customers through Sell2Wales.

Please see Sell2Wales (login required) for further updates.