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Contract managers – are you ready for Brexit?

Contract managers – are you ready for Brexit?

The Welsh Government’s aim is to get the best possible or least damaging outcome to the Brexit negotiations for Wales – whether there is a deal or not.

Deal scenario:

  • If a deal is agreed, an implementation period will commence.
  • During the implementation period, Welsh contracting authorities will continue to publish to OJEU/Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) via Sell2Wales.
  • Public procurement legislation will remain as it is now during the implementation period.

No deal scenario:

  • The Welsh Government’s Brexit Procurement team has been working with the UK government and other stakeholders to help ensure that the way the public sector procures will be largely unchanged in the event of a No Deal.
  • Procurement Rules will largely remain the same.
  • Thresholds will remain the same.
  • The main change will be that, instead of notices being published on OJEU/Tenders Electronic Daily (TED), they will be published on the new UK e-notification service. This will continue to be done via Sell2Wales so should make very little noticeable difference to users.
  • The Welsh Government has been working with the Sell2Wales contractor to ensure all services are integrated with a new UK e-notification service which will be available by 29 March. The transition to the new service should be largely seamless for users.
  • We will encourage Welsh based suppliers to access contract opportunities via Sell2Wales and there will be a signpost to Sell2Wales on the new UK e-notification system.
  • More details on what will happen to public sector procurement in the event of a No Deal on GOV.UK
  • Guidance on what will happen to public procurement if we leave the EU with a deal on GOV.UK

We know that you must have many questions about how either scenario will impact upon you. We have contacted a number of procurement forums and are arranging to meet them over the coming weeks. If you run a forum that we have not contacted, or would like us to come and meet you separately, please let us know by emailing:

Support is also available on Sell2Wales to help you carry out a risk analysis on your current contracts to ensure they are fit for purpose post Brexit. The toolkit, along with a list of frequently asked questions can be found on Sell2Wales.