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Construction, facilities management and utilities news round-up

Construction, facilities management and utilities news round-up

Framework updates.

Provision of highway lighting materials

When ordering products from this framework please include the framework reference ‘NPS-CFM-0059-16’ and the lot being used.

This will help make sure you are charged the correct framework prices. And it will also improve the quality of data which, in turn, will help inform how we work in future.

If you have any queries regarding use of the highway lighting materials framework please contact

New construction building materials

Please help us to develop a new construction building materials framework which meets customer needs.

We are looking for members of a new Category Forum Group (CFG) to guide us as we start on the framework, which will go live during the second quarter of 2019.

Whilst the scope of the new arrangement has yet to be finalised, it is likely to include those lots that are covered in both the current general building materials and the electrical heating and plumbing frameworks. Our scoping work therefore covers the following commodities:

  • managed service
  • general building materials
  • timber and sheet materials
  • doors
  • decorative products
  • electrical fittings, cable, lighting and accessories (excluding street lighting)
  • heating, ventilation, boilers and associated products
  • plumbing, sanitary ware and rainwater goods

To express an interest in joining the CFG, to provide information that may help or if you want further information, please email

Electrical, Heating and Plumbing

With effect from 1 July 2018, there has been a price variation for certain suppliers of Baxi products against lot 2 of the electrical, heating and plumbing framework.

Details of the revised pricing can be found on Sell2Wales (login required).

We have extended the framework for an additional 12 months until September 2019 at the request of our customers. Confirmation of the extension details will be provided shortly. The framework was due to expire on 27 September 2018.

Cleaning and Janitorial Materials

We have extended the cleaning and janitorial materials framework for a further 12 months.

At the request of our customer category forum group, the framework will be extended until 20 September 2019. Guidance documents on Sell2Wales have now been updated (login required).

Quick Guides

All construction and facilities management framework quick guides on Sell2Wales have been updated following recent framework extensions and staff changes. The quick guides will help you can find the information you want.