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A new good deal for fleet managers

A new good deal for fleet managers

Fleet managers will get a good deal, making savings and improving fleet efficiency by using our new telematics framework.

The framework went live on 20 June 2018 with 6 suppliers of services.

Telematics uses GPS technology in vehicles giving fleet managers benefits which include:

  • Reducing insurance costs
  • Identifying where vehicles are at any given time
  • Minimising operating expenses by influencing driver behaviour – improving driving style and reducing fuel consumption and road traffic collisions
  • Improving vehicle maintenance and reducing mechanical problems that can delay operations and increase expensive downtime - by developing an advanced vehicle maintenance schedule using customer alerts based on mileage, engine use or time.

For more information, guidance documentation can be accessed via Sell2Wales (Login required).

Please contact us on if you would like support to use this framework.