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Members' welcome

Members' welcome

Welcome to membership of the National Procurement Service.

We are committed to providing a good deal for:

  • You, by saving cash for front line services
  • The economy, by spending our money with Welsh businesses, and
  • Future generations, by spending our money in ways which comply with Welsh policy and laws.

To achieve this we aim to be easy to work with, business like and fair.

Sign up to Sell2Wales

For full access to all our contracts and guides please sign up to Sell2Wales as a buyer. It’ll take a couple of minutes and our web team will then verify your application.

Contracts and frameworks

We have more than 50 live frameworks and contracts for you to use across 7 categories of business.

Because much of the information is commercially confidential, we will ask you to log in to the Sell2Wales website to see the framework agreements, contracts, quick guides to using them and other associated material.

Contacting us

The contact details of all our staff are available on the Sell2Wales website and you’ll find them listed by their area of responsibility. Please note that you will have to log in when you follow this link.

If you are unsure who to contact please call us on 0300 790 0107 or email

Get involved

We aim to meet your needs. To do this, we have Category Forum Groups in each category and we welcome representation from all customers. Please ask the relevant member of your staff to contact the relevant category listed on our web pages.

Keep in touch

Please sign up to our monthly newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to keep up to date with new frameworks, contracts and other developments.