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Budgets are under pressure in the public sector. We need to spend money well if as much as possible is to go to the front line – on educating children, caring for the sick and looking after the vulnerable.

The Board agreed that it needed an accurate overview of procurement in the public sector, and it wanted options for creating greater efficiencies and savings.

At the moment public sector organisations buy in more than £5bn of goods and services to support the delivery of public services in Wales, more than £1bn of which is common and repetitive. From supply teachers and fuel to computers and sandwiches each of these goods and services was bought separately in the past by government bodies, health organisations and councils.

Our job, as the National Procurement Service, is to collaborate with public organisations to use our collective buying power to get a good deal for Wales.

We provide them with a good deal by saving cash for front line services.

But the good deal doesn’t end there. We provide a good deal for the economy by spending our money with Welsh businesses to support a more prosperous Wales.

And, because we’re dedicated to Wales, our procurement frameworks always comply with Welsh legislation and policy. So, every decision we make aims to provide a good deal for future generations working and living in Wales.

For people to share the benefits we are determined to be easy to work with, business like and fair.

That’s how we provide a good deal for our customers, our suppliers and for the people of Wales – prosperity for all.

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Our customers are the organisations which use our frameworks and contracts.

73 organisations in Wales, known as member organisations, have signed up as our customers. These include, all local authorities, the NHS, Welsh Government and Welsh Government sponsored bodies, the police and fire services and higher and further education organisations.

As well as these, more than 68 other public bodies and third sector organisations, including schools, voluntary organisations and housing associations, are using our contracts and frameworks.

In return for them buying through our contracts and frameworks, we are able to provide the best deals on common and repetitive spend, releasing savings for frontline services.

We welcome feedback. If you have something you wish to share, or if you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us.

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The NPS has adopted a category management approach delivered through 7 overarching categories which allow us to develop areas of expertise for our customers:

  • Construction, Facilities Management and Utilities
  • Corporate and Business Support Services
  • Digital, Data, Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Fleet and Transport
  • People Services
  • Professional Services
  • Food and Drink

For each category, we have established Category Forum Groups which seek to involve representatives from customer procurement teams as well as from the services requiring procurement support.

In each of the categories we work to a standard operating model which embeds the principles of the Welsh Procurement Policy Statement into all of our contracts and framework agreements.

Our work in each category also fully embraces the Welsh Government’s Welsh Language standards. We are also working to embed the code of practice on ethical employment in supply chains.

Activity across the categories also supports the Well-being of Future Generations Act. We have category strategies in place which support the well being goals and how we will deliver.

We work closely with Value Wales in the Welsh Government and the Well Being and Future Generations Commissioner to ensure that all of our frameworks and contracts are compliant with best practice. Many of our frameworks are also compliant for EU funded projects.



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