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Procurement in Wales

Procurement in Wales

Public procurement in Wales is developing rapidly in response to the need to work collaboratively, achieve process efficiencies and achieve better outputs from constrained budgets.

The Procurement in Wales section seeks to clarify the distinction between organisations and services available to buyers and suppliers in Wales.

Procurement in Wales

The National Procurement Service (NPS)

The National Procurement Service (NPS) for Wales was launched in November 2013 and is hosted by the Welsh Government. It has been established to work on behalf of the wider public sector across Wales. By using this combined purchasing power the goal is to secure annual savings of £25m.

In this endeavour it is engaging collaboratively with public sector member organisations in seeking to find the best available deals in common and repetitive spend.

The NPS is managed on a category basis with category teams responsible for engaging with the public sector and suppliers. This will ensure that frameworks and contracts are active and producing the required outputs for customer organisations. Public sector expenditure has been rationalised and is managed under the following categories:

  • ICT
  • Fleet and transport
  • Professional services
  • Corporate and business support services
  • People services and utilities
  • Construction and facilities management

Value Wales

Value Wales is a separate organisation to the NPS and is part of the Welsh Government. It seeks to improve public procurement outputs from the £4.3bn of Welsh public expenditure on goods and services. Value Wales is responsible for shaping procurement policy, monitoring procurement practice, supporting and advising procurement professionals, developing the procurement profession, and compliance with EU regulations.

Value Wales oversees the Welsh Government’s procurement through the Corporate Procurement Service (CPS) and is a customer of the NPS in the area of common and repetitive spend.


Sell2Wales is a web portal service to help suppliers win contracts with the public sector in Wales. It does this by providing a single point of contact where public sector buyers can advertise opportunities and manage tenders. In addition businesses can find contract opportunities and promote their services.

The Sell2Wales website is an important information source for prospective registered suppliers to search for opportunities and complete transactions.

Electronic Procurement Service (EPS)

eProcurement can be defined as: The combined use of Information and communication technology to procure a wide range of goods and services. An e-procurement system can simplify all aspects of the purchasing process while applying tighter controls over spending and product preferences. The eProcurement Service aims to provide public sector buyers and their suppliers with access to online and offline tools that makes it easy to source, order and pay online. It saves time and money to both by ensuring best value is delivered in buying goods or services.

Business Wales

Business Wales is a Welsh Government sponsored service that provides businesses with information guidance and support on business planning, management, marketing, finance and mentoring. It is available online, by telephone or through a network of 11 one-stop shops located across wales.

From a NPS perspective this service can benefit SMEs in Wales by offering workshops and one to one sessions on tendering, e-procurement, collaborating with other small companies to bid together and attending ‘meet the buyer’ events. The NPS recognises this as an opportunity to strengthen the Welsh supplier base, provide community benefits and improve the economy.

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